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The sexual energy

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Sexuality is sacred! let's be real, all life starts with it, so why is it so weird to talk about it? Why do humans have so many issued around it? Well religion, media and education bring a set of limited beliefs that impact us throughout our entire life, creating a concept of how it should feel, be or look like. Yet every person is unique and sexuality is a basic need like eating and sleeping. So how can we make it work? When I learned about Tantra, I immediately fell in love with it because it talks about sexuality as being the energy of love. We humans are made of energy that expands and contract, in constant motion. Tantra show us the way to access it at all times and transform it for higher purposes, for healthy, love, play, work. We balance our energy centres (the chakras) through meditation, movement, sounds and get turned on by being fully present with our senses. We fall in love with ourselves, unconditionally recognising that we are perfect as we are at this exact moment. As a result, we see and feel love in everyone and everything. Sex becomes totally magic. Hiptantra shows you how to access the energy of love. Contact us to find out more.

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