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Kathrine & Serge


Tantra Healers, Life lovers

We have been partners in life since 1998 when we met on the ocean windsurfing in Miami.

We have two children and have been able to keep our relationship and lives happy and exciting thanks to Tantra.


We are physically active as we wish to keep our bodies fit. We love the ocean, the mountains, we enjoy traveling,

discovering new places and meeting/gathering like minded people.

We started our Tantric journey in 2005 when we realized that kids, work, chores had taken over our intimate life 

by attending our first tantra session with the Divine Feminine Institute in Hawaii.We have been studying, training

and practicing Tantra together and individually with renowed teachers (Charles Muir, SkyDancing Tantra,

Tantra Healer Florida to name a few) as well as other erotic and healing arts since which allows us to remain

happy, connected, youthful and reach amazing levels of love, intimacy and sexual pleasure.  


When we feel love, we glow and everything else flows. And it all starts within you. 

We created HIPTantra: Hot Inspiring Playful to share with you our knowledge and life experience 

in private sessions and group events in Miami and Europe.

We also co-created Tantra Games (, playful events inspired by Tantric Pujas.

 It may be intimidating and that's normal.

Give us a call and we will determine how we can best serve you.


We look forward to our journey with you.

How we discovered Tantra

Self Healing with Tantra

The Origin of Tantra

Masculine & Feminine Energy

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