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Hi! So nice to meet you. Here is a bit about me before I get to hear about you. 


I am The Love & Intimacy Activator

certified Tantra practitioner,

 Yoga & Fitness instructor, Kitesurfing champion of South Florida, Community Leader


I am also woman, a mother, a daughter, a lover, a wife, a sister, a friend. I am everything and nothing. 

Like you, I came to this planet to enjoy life and spread the joy amongst the amazing beings that cross my path. 


I was born on the majestic French Riviera sharing my time between the ocean and the mountains. I studied business

in the city of of Love: Paris and to got my first step in the working world in the big Apple. After some years, my spirit

guided me back home to be with family. My second step in the work field sent me all over Europe then to


There I met my husband and created a nice life, wonderful house, amazing children. I pursued my passion

for sports and started teaching fitness, yoga & kitesurfing. All was incredible. Yet after some years, life became

mundane. I felt disconnected from my partner physically and emotionally. I also noticed issues around me regarding

love and intimacy, many divorces, separations. How can one handle all the stresses of life, work, bills, kids, and remain



My marriage was being affected by my lack of  sexual desire that I was attributing to fatigue, stress and complications

during child birth. What I was missing was a practice to connect to myself and others, one that would be simple to

incorporate into my busy life and positively affect those around me. One that would awaken love, pleasure, laughter, energy. 


I learned by attending classes and trainings all over the globe and by doing. My husband joined me with resistance

at first, pretty common for a man about to show vulnerability. However he trusted me and embraced our journey knowing

that this was for our family, for our love bond to grow. The results were miraculous! Our sex life keeps getting better,

our love is stronger than ever, family is so connected, our health is impeccable, our hearts are full.

Tantra: the ancient art of love transformed me in such a positive way that I felt the responsibility to share that gift through



I am so grateful to be guiding women and men wishing to live a life of passion and feel beautiful, loved, turned on. 


The cool thing is that we already have it in us . I help you get rid of limited beliefs and fears, awaken the 

energy of love and guide you to maintain it. 

The sessions are with me alone or with my husband depending on your needs and wishes. I also love to bring people

together at our workshops and events and make them feel at home with authentic connections, mindfulness, laughter,

dance, joie de vivre in a safe, loving, judgment free environment.


I love to hear about your challenges and assist in making your dreams come true.




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