Journeys into Love, Intimacy & Sensual liberation

In Person, Skype, Zoom or Phone session


For Couples

How much time do you spend on your relationship weekly ?

Are you so busy that your love and sex life are last on the to do list?

Well guess what, like everything else, thriving relationships require time and attention. And it is so worth it. 

You may go on a trip or take a lover to reignite the flame,

yet this is just a bandaid. What you crave is passion, intimacy and serious fun!


You will see amazing results after the first session.

We recommend  the all program for meaningful changes.

Our Sessions may include:

  • What is Tantra and why it works magic for couples.

  • ​Bring clarity ​on what you truly desire independently and as a couple then rewrite your love story. 

  • Practice positive sensual communication with the 5 languages of love to enhance the love bond and the re-create the chemistry.

  • Understand the power of boundaries and how to establish them at home and in life in general.

  • Experience and learn how to organise a tantra date with your partner, creating a safe container to explore and express.

  • Learn to balance the chakras (energy centres) and the feminine and masculine energies within each of you to reach bliss. 

  • Activate that deep passionate arousing connection with some exotic Tantra Games.

  • Discover exciting ways to pleasure each other, and the delicate art of fully giving and receiving.

  • Awaken your life force energy and allow it to flow between you through the mind body heart for expanded pleasure.

  • Experience and learn the bliss of Tantric Touch and its healing powers.



Book your Discovery call !

  • 2 hours of private session in person with Kathrine

    2 hr

    800 US dollars
  • 2 hours of private session to awaken your sensuality

    2 hr

    600 US dollars
  • 2-3 hours Tantric Date for couples

    2 hr

    1,200 US dollars

"Love and Sex are what created us, they are the creative energy of the Universe, 

the fundamental force that moves us all. "