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Journeys into Love, Intimacy & Sensual liberation

In Person, Skype, Zoom or Phone session


For Her


Ladies, you have come a long way into independence and equality with men.


Today pretty much everything is available to you.

Yet so many women are still disconnected from love, pleasure and intimacy...

Some may have forgotten about themselves to focus on family, friends, work.

Some may fake orgasms just to please their partner...

Some say yes to sex when they don't really want it...

Some may have suffered traumas...

Some have entirely blocked desire, emotions or sensations in their bodies.


Intimacy and sexuality are instrumental for a balanced healthy life.

Love is what drives us, makes us feel alive, vibrant.

  Our sessions offer a way to get there.

  •  Burn away fears, insecurities, traumas, feelings of unworthiness, shame and guilt around the body and sexuality.

  • Get clarity on what YOU want for your life and how to get there. Develop your ability to express your needs and desires.

  • Understand boundaries and how to apply them in your life and in the bedroom. Practice the “no” welcome the “yes”.

  • Connect with your feminine essence, your beautiful, confident, sexy self. Re-sensitize your body to pleasure.

  • Allow yourself to be in the receiving mode, taking time to relax, to play, to pamper yourself, to be with YOU.


  • Take your sexual experiences to the most juicy intimate tantric level using sensual meditation, breath, movement, sound.

  • Prepare yourself to meet Love, the one that feels so easy and warm and make it last. 

  • Make your current partner absolutely crazy for you with the energetic lovemaking.

  • Open the flow of energy in your body with Tantra Massage for expansive mind body heart orgasms.​

  • Use your sexual energy for raising of your consciousness and manifest all that you desire.



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