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Kathrine & Serge Gasc

Tantra Practitioners
Intimacy Coach

Experience the Bliss and Unity that Intimacy and Tantric lovemaking can bring!


Magical Deserts


Create memories of a lifetime sailing on the Biscayne Bay, away from all worries, fully immersed with sun and wind in the goodness of the ocean. The friendly crew is here for you.


Deepen the intimate connection with yourself and your partner, bring more fun inside and outside the bedroom, improve communication, feel alive and sexy,


"We went to these sessions looking for something to bring us back together the way we were when we first met. What we received is a connection that surpasses the first love".

L & P, Miami


"I had given up on love after being single for 5 years. Kathrine helped me clear blocages and gave me strength and confidence.  I have now an incredible man and the tools to keep him."

Anna, NY

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