Couples Intimacy Coaching

Kathrine and Serge, Founders of HipTantra

If your relationship is suffering and you don’t act now, how do you think it will impact your life, your family, your health ? 

Do you know there are exciting ways to activate the chemistry and bring back passion, desire, harmony? 

Together for over 20 years,  we have helped couples and individuals experience the Bliss and Unity that Tantric lovemaking and Intimacy can bring!


We welcome men and women of all ages and orientations in our studio in Miami. 

We can also travel to you and communicate via phone, skype, zoom.


"We went to these sessions looking for something to bring us back together the way we were when we first met. What we received is a connection that surpasses the first love".

L & P, Miami


"I had given up on love after being single for 5 years. Kathrine helped me clear blocages and gave me strength and confidence.  I have now an incredible man and the tools to keep him."

Anna, NY

"It was so special, so fulfilling !

Amy & Chris, Miami

20% of our benefits go to charities in an effort to help our beautiful planet.

We encourage you to do the same.  Thank you!

"Love and Sex are what created us, they are the creative energy of the Universe, 

the fundamental force that moves us all. "