Would you like more Love and Intimacy in your relationship?

... Blissful time with your beloved ?

... Mind, Heart & Body Foreplay ?

... Passionate Sex ?

Welcome to Hip Tantra


Hot, Inspiring, Playful

We guide Couples and Individuals 


in the Art of  Awakened Sensuality


Exhilarating Love

We offer private sessions tailored to your specific needs and wishes.

We also organise classes,  workshops and events. 

We are Kathrine and Serge. Together for over 20 years,  we  have  successfully helped hundreds of couples and individuals rekindle their love and live a life of passion.


We welcome men and women of all ages and orientations in our studio in Miami. We can also travel to you and communicate via phone, skype, zoom

How much time do you spend weekly on your relationship? Are you so busy that your love and sex life are lost on the to do list? 

Then someday you notice a disconnect from your partner, a loss of desire, you get bored and maybe drift away.  Well guess what, like everything else, thriving relationships require time and attention. And a little help sometimes to get inspired and energised. 

You may go on a trip thinking it will solve all problems or take a lover to reignite the flame, 

yet this is just a bandaid. What you crave is passion, a deep connection and serious fun as a couple in your every day life!  Freedom and lightness, like it was when you first met, sounds familiar?

Good news, there are some really simple things you can do to get there. Our approach is personalised, playful and so rewarding! It is inspired by the practice of Tantra, Erotic and Healing Arts, Yoga, Humour, Dance, Reiki to name a few.

Learn to express and experience your sensual love for one another.

 And Remember to Live, Love, Laugh, ...a Lot!

"We went to these sessions looking for something to bring us back together the way we were when we first met. What we received is a connection that surpasses the first love".

L & P, Miami


"I had given up on love after being single for 5 years. Kathrine helped me clear blocages and gave me strength and confidence.  I have now an incredible man and the tools to keep him."

Anna, NY

"I love taking classes with Serge & Kathrine, They make me feel so Safe and Comfortable !

Michele A. Miami

20% of our benefits go to charities in an effort to help our beautiful planet.

We encourage you to do the same.  Thank you!

"Love and Sex are what created us, they are the creative energy of the Universe, 

the fundamental force that moves us all. "

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