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"We went to these sessions looking for something to bring us back together the way we were when we first met. What we received is a connection that surpasses the first love".

L & P, Miami

"I had given up on love after being single for 5 years. Kathrine helped me clear blocages and gave me strength and confidence.  I have now an incredible man and the tools to keep him."

Anna, NY

Michael & Rebecca, Tantra for Couples

"A real transformational intimate experience"

Michele, Tantra Games

Thais, Tantra Games Speed Dating

Natalia, Tantra Games

Amy & John, Intro to Tantra

"We were able to experience so many different sensations"

I had a beautiful, nurturing and very supported Tantra session with Serge Gasc today and love to recommend him highly. I realize how important it is for me to receive in this way, not just from a lover, but from a person who’s supporting me in this way."

Michelle, Private Session

"Our session with you transformed us in a way we could have never imagined. Our intimacy has dramatically improved and our passion is now back. Wow! What a wonderful world is HipTantra!".

Carol & David., Private session

Juan Carlos & Gina, Private session

Naomi, Boudoir Surreal

Raul, Tantra Games Speed Dating

Amy & Chris, Private session

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