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Sex and Menopause

Since the day I got my period at the age of 11, I had heard the same story: sex dies after menopause for women. There is a shift in the hormones that creates dryness and loss of desire. I also heard over and over again that yes, that's when we are officially "old". Skin starts to lose its elasticity, creating wrinkles, hair turns grey, sex appeal is gone. It sounded quite scary.

And when I finally reached menopause at age 46, I freaked out, literally! I was looking at myself in the mirror, only seeing the "old" lady, focusing on these things that were embedded in my mind, which actually had programmed my whole system. I stopped having sex, shuting down completely. I was so depressed, wondering how I was going to deal with this?

I spent a couple of years convinced that there was nothing I could do, I just had to accept what is. I must admit that the sensations in my body were definitely unfamiliar. My energy was off, sleeping became more complicated. Doctors Gynecologists prescribed artificial hormones, that's about it. I hated the whole thing.

Then one day, I said enough. I don't have to believe this story. I can create a new one. I chose to be a young version of me, reconnecting with my teenage playful side, smiling at myself with humour, compassion and love. And thats when Tantra really helped me.

As we all know, energy follows attention. I made "me" a priority, changed my diet, committed to an exercise routine, and most important, engaged in self love, self pleasure practices. I was able to not only accept but give love to my being that transformed immediately. My skin tone improved, my hair felt softer, my face was smoother. My sexual energy started flowing again with the jade egg practice, I gained strength in my yoni (sanskrit name for vagina), my sacred temple. I gave her a name, listened to her needs, gave her water, massages, essential oils and lots of juicy fun pleasurable stories. I refused to make the doctors diagnostic my reality and now at 52, I am more orgasmic than ever. Not to say that my husband is quite happy! He helped me in the process as he knew how important it was for our family.

What I wanted to say is that many of my female clients come with a similar story, they are desperate, not knowing who to talk to. Their mariage suffers from the lack of intimacy, their health deteriorates, other problems appear.

Well guess what? You don't have to suffer alone. Things can be way better and I can help you on that journey. Yes it can be uncomfortable to talk about it yet what is the other option?

I offer a discovery call where we can explore the different possibilities. Life after menopause can be so much fun!

By Kathrine Gasc, HipTantra

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