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Why choose Tantra

Updated: May 24, 2020

We often forget about our deepest self, buried under schedules, worries, work, unresolved emotional problems, fears and whole array of distractions that distance us from our hearts.

Men and women can now free themselves from all these internal conflicts with a single shift in their perspective on life. Sometimes you only see the negative side of existence and forget that everything has a sense of growth.

Tantra is a complete science of human life, in all its dimensions. Originally a branch of buddhism, in sanskirt it means expansiom, weaving the masculine and feminine energies to reach oneness. Some have branded it as only a path to sex without seeing that it goes so much farther. It’s as if we only see a tree, missing the whole forest.

Our coaching programs attempt to share the whole panorama that Tantra encompasses, being the result of a personal attempt to live honestly, practicing what we teach.

Within the existence of a person there is sex of course as well as emotions, thoughts, ideas, plans, longing of the soul, and physical and spiritual growth. It just so happens that sex is one of the first rungs on the ladder in the evolution of the conscience, and if we want to climb the ladder and we don’t take the first step, it will be difficult to get to the top. Yes Tantra deals with sex but in a simultaneously scientific and romantic way. It also deals with love, but with intelligence and with material goods, but in enjoying them without becoming devoted to them or valuing too much.

Many spiritual traditions have “left out” the subject of sex while others openly repressed and condemned it.

Think about it…

Haven’t we all come into the world through a sexual act? Wasn’t it necessary for two bodies to come together, in soul and energy, to produce a miraculous birth? Why stigmatise something so sacred as sinful? Is it that humanity has not understood that sex, more than generating a new life, is also a spiritual transformation?

Tantra knows that all of life is energy, and that is all one energy that has different aspects. Sex is a very important one and used wisely, can drive the purification and illumination of the spirit. But it can also take another road: perverse and mental, or repressed, like in some societies.

Tantra takes sex to be pleasure and a connection between two beings seeking to become one, the opening of a sacred door in the conscience, leading to deep levels of understanding of natural forces. The sexual act is, ultimately, the microcosmic representation of the universal law of attraction -of the creation that unites the two poles.

Life is day and night, hot and cold, dry and wet, man and woman…In life, balance is a supreme law and Tantra is a path to balance: sex united with meditation, financial well being with spiritual connection, happiness and fun together with moments of silence…

Tantra is practice, it is learning through direct experience. You raise your energy and soul, you observe with clarity and understand, you connect with life and you are happy.

This path can be a lifesaver for modern man, who walks aimlessly through life, or even for the wise one who realises that “there’s something more” to life than eating, sleeping, working and lovemaking.

Tantra awakens an artistic capacity in the physical body, the common man travels the path to Buddha by bringing all his hidden potential to the surface. He does this uncovering the heart, freeing it, giving it wings to life freely and consciously.

Without being a religion, it is a tapestry that includes all the facets of life without discarding a single one. You enjoy your belongings, discover the sanctity of sex, delight in food: you love and you are loved, you become creative, you follow your intuition, and live from your center. Isn’t that a perfect life? Can it be that we hold all the keys to happiness and are putting them in the wrong lock?

Tantra is a path of subtraction, not summation or division: remove what is unnecessary, just as the artist does from the stone, and allow the sculpture to emerge.

With Tantra you don’t arrive to any one place because it is not a race, it’s an adventure and acceptance.It's a colourful lifestyle, definitely eco friendly sustainable.

It’s the discovery of magical and powerful consciousness, it’s a dance that every being dances, it’s the page in which the poet captures their work, it’s the recovery of joy and love in all its dimensions. It is like knowing on the door of your own home and not knowing how many rooms are inside: the surprise of opening every room and discover the candle inside, seeing the divinity of every space, and feeling like you are a mirror that reflects the love and beauty inside of you.

Inspired by G. Ferrara.

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