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Full Body Orgasms for men

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Yes, full body orgasms for men do exist. Why don't we hear about it? Because it is still a secret in our society filled with taboos and repressed sexuality.

Luckily things are changing, men and women are starting to become empowered with they sex lives. They want to express their desires and have them met because after all, sex is a human need like eating and drinking and if it was not for orgasms, none of us would be here!

Many times though the tendency in intercourse is to focus on the climax, associated with ejaculation for men.

According to studies, men last an average of 6 minutes during intercourse, when the women take a good 15 minutes to climax. There is a bit of an issue here, don't you think? How can we satisfy our partners in this way? How can we be in harmony with the feminine if we arrive early?

The good news is that with the practice of tantra, men can prolong the act going up to a thirty minutes even a few hours. They can also learn to orgasm without ejaculating.

How do male orgasm work?
The male orgasm is a result of certain brain activity, while the ejaculation is a reflex, triggered from the base of the spine where the kundalini energy is located. Generally, if a man hasn’t made any efforts to control his sexual system, the two happen close together in time. They are, however, completely independent processes, and can be completely separated with the rewiring of the brain.

It is a combination of breathwork, movement, sounds and specific tantric techiques, plus the commitment to make it happen. Like deciding to get fit or get a new job, it requires attention and dedication. The difference here is that is is so much fun and pleasurable and the results are simply mind-blowing.

Now add the full body orgasm to the picture and you simply go to another dimension.

My client John in NY says: "The difference between regular orgasm and full body orgasm is about the same between driving a toyota corolla and a lamborghini. It is such a more fulfilling exhilarating experience, I would never go back. The sexual energy is awakened and expanded rather than pushed out, circulated, there can be tremors and different sounds come out.  I notice that the sound of my breathing changes to something almost animalistic. These effects are accompanied by involuntary tremors.

At some point I lose the sense of time and space, or who I am. When there’s a very special connection with the woman I’m making love with, I sense a whirling sensation. I feel expansion, a continuous movement in endless space. There were a few times I felt this joy of being, this universal love that surrounds me, that feeling that I felt only a few times in deep meditation. And it brought tears to my eyes."

Every man will have a different experience, so don’t get hung up on the details of this description. Just note that it is not only possible, it is extremely pleasurable.

The benefits are many. The man preserves his precious life force energy, which he needs for other areas of life such as work, sports, family. He sort of recycles it rather than depleting it. His mental and physical health are affected in a positive way as the whole body releases tensions and blocages from stress and produces more oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine, the hormones of happiness.

The question is: What would you chose between an hour of pleasure of my entire being and a brief few seconds of ejaculatory orgasm? hum let me guess? :)

It is hard to imagine, before you have had the experience. All I can tell you is that out of all the men I know who have learned to separate ejaculation from orgasm, not one of them prefers the ordinary orgasm any longer. Every single one prefers the full-body orgasm.

And remember, once you have access to the full-body orgasm, you also have access to the male multiple orgasm. There is no letdown after a full-body orgasm. You can just roll on into another, and another, and another.

How do you get there now?

1. Make a strong commitment

The neural pathways for ejaculatory orgasm are really well-developed. They are the autobahns of neural connection. Unless you really commit to a new way, you will find yourself falling back into your old patterns every time.

Find a good reason — spiritual or personal growth, improving relationships, becoming a legendary sex god (hint: women love a man who can last more than a few minutes in bed) — anything that motivates you enough to do something a bit challenging.

2. Get support.

If you have a lover, they need to understand what you are up to, and be on board with it. You might need to suddenly ask them to hold still, for example, if you are getting dangerously close to tipping over.

My wife and I offer one on one courses in person or by video on the subject and have 99% positive results. We also offer classes on intimacy and how to create magic in your life and your relationship through the tantra practice.

You can also find online information and men’s groups, so you can hear from experienced men.

3. Practice, practice, practice.

There is no substitute for practice!

The most effective way to practice in the beginning is to practice on your own. You have total control over the stimulation, and you don’t need to worry about anyone else’s needs or feelings. Explore the sensations as you get close to ejaculation, and isolate the muscles you use to stop it. They are the same ones you use to stop peeing midway.

As you get more confident in your knowledge and control, you can begin practicing with a partner.

4. Relax.

Your body will kick in your sympathetic nervous system — the fight-or-flight, busy-feeling, buzzy, million-miles-an-hour feeling — when it wants to trigger ejaculation.

If you can remain calm, ejaculation will simply be impossible.

Of course, it takes some training to remain calm in the midst of sexual intercourse!

The state you are aiming for is like the state of martial arts masters — still acting, but acting from a place of complete calm and relaxation. Once you learn how to enter this state, you will be able to make love for hours, experience full-body orgasms and male multiple orgasm, and fulfill your partner’s deepest sexual needs.

5. Let go of expectations

And enjoy the orgasmic journey every step of the way. Trust that you will get to the destination. Make sure you appreciate what you have today!

Thank you for reading.

Serge Gasc, HipTantra.

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