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Lovemaking after babies

Many changes happen after having a baby. Hormones get out of wak, the woman's body is transformed leaving sometimes trauma behind. Men may feel abandoned, time is limited, especially sleep. Lovemaking is put aside, yet it is so important for the well being of the relationship and the people in it! What I am mostly surprised with is that doctors don't prepare us for all this. As a result, I noticed many couples get disconnected and it may take a couple of years before they realise what is going on. By that time, damage is done, that can be reserved with lots of efforts. This happened to me, I was so afraid of losing my marriage, like a lot of my friends around me. I was determined to fight and do whatever it takes to save it. I did traditional therapy, it helped a bit however it was focused on the story. I was so sad inside, empty, feeling like I was letting him down. When I discovered tantra, it was like Christopher Columbus arriving in America, the revelation! So simple, so beautiful, so powerful yet so few knew about it! I literally forced my husband to take classes with me, of course he wanted a better sex life! I took initiative though as it is most of the time the role of the woman to do so. We were both so happy and liberated with just 3 sessions, we had some strong foundations. Sharing that knowledge instantly became my life purpose. The sexual healing part was the most challenging yet most impactful for me, I never knew I had so many blockages inside my yoni (Sanskrit word for vagina). That day, it all got released and I was free!!! We have been combined all the teaching and experience in our private coaching and energy healing. We are here to guide you in that reconnection. One session can make such a difference! Call us to find out more.


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