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2019/01/27 : Burning Tantra Games @ Loveburn

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

"..In ancient times in India when phones did not exist, there were Tantra Pujas. The whole village would participate in these celebrations of LIFE.

We would like to invite you to THE BURNING TANTRA GAMES. A truly unique experience where you get to supercharge your heart, your body, your mind.

Together, we create a fun, sexy, cozy, high vibe container where we will laugh, dance, explore, get turned on and connect with amazing burners in playful ways.

Each 3 minutes game draws inspiration from tantra yoga, dance, reiki and fun rituals.

The creative practices build true heart connections that lift your spirit and make you feel totally amazing. We use ancient tantric principles that effectively build “ Life Force Energy" and integrate the individuals into the tribe. Everyone is welcome, you will definitely feel loved and celebrated!


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