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Every other Thursday: Tantra Yoga for Women

Kathrine invites you to take a pause from your busy lives and get on a date with yourself...with amazing ladies like you. The theme of the classes is: playfulness, spontaneity, laughter, dance, inner peace, harmony, connection, sharing, go with the flow, energy, expansion, love.

Wear something comfortable, feminine, that makes YOU feel pretty, happy.

Some of the things we will cover. Each class will offer different practices.

* Understand what Tantra yoga is and how it can positively affect your life.

* Connect with your feminine essence, your beautiful, confident self in a sacred space through the practice of Tantra, the Yoga of Love.

* Burn away possible fears, insecurities, shame around your body and sensuality and transform them into Love.

* Develop your ability to express your needs and desires.

* Understand boundaries and how to apply them in your life.

* Fall in love with yourself and activate your energetic body by awakening your senses.

* Experience the nurturing loving authentic bond of sisterhood.

I look forward to this moment with you. Message me if you have any questions. Namaste

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