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2020/02/14 Couple's Valentine Body Art Workshop Miami

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World renown artist Perego brings this amazing Valentine's day experience to Miami. Lovers are invited to experience the most unique, unforgettable & romantic valentine date EVER!

This is your chance to be the Artist & the Art! and Discover the magic world of Tantra. At this exclusive workshop you will be instructed on how to create an erotic work of art using impressions of your bodies. You will be guided to a private space where you & your partner will be given a canvas, paints & brushes to make your own intimate work of art!

As your painted canvas dries, Kathrine & Serge, Famous Tantra Educators, will lead you in a series of Hot, inspiring Playful Tantra games. The energy rises, as your minds, bodies and hearts get turned ON…..the connection deepens, the happy hormones kick in… The evening becomes even hotter and unforgettable. Leave with your own unique creation to hang in your home along with exciting tantric tips to keep the arousal going for a long long time.

The artwork you will create will be a symbol of your love & passion for each other for not just this moment, but forever. And, it will also be a secret. The paintings appear to be abstract, & everyone will think so too. Unless of course you tell them. If & when you do, you wil hear small little popping from their head. You have blown their mind, kind of like when your date finds out you booked this for them.

Both couples & singles are welcome. This 1 hour long experience can be reserved before or after dinner, or you can upgrade to the VIP package $250 per couple VIP package includes champagne, sensual edible delights and a Tantra massage.

Price per couple which includes instruction, (1) canvas, non-toxic water based paints, & a private space and a tantra session.

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