2019/02/23 Tantra Games @ Faena

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Faena Bazaar Goldish Oasis 


Start your love journey now with the TANTRA GAMES! Come into the sacred space we created to experience others with your senses and heart rather than your mind. A perfect recipe for love and sensuality wrapped in laughter and playfulness.

Everyone is welcome here, singles and couples, whether you wish to learn about tantra, meet new friends, find love, spice up your relationship or simply have a good time!

The TANTRA GAMES, guided by professional Tantra Love coaches draw inspiration from tantra yoga, dance and sacred rituals. They build true heart connections that lift the spirit, awaken the senses and take you into a blissful state. They use ancient tantric principles that effectively raise the kundalini, “ Life Force Energy" which makes you feel confident, alive, and happy!!!

Let go of stress, fears and anxiety, welcome trust, pleasure, presence and open up to something new and exciting!

Feel tantalized, celebrated and pick up a few helpful relationship skills on the way!!

OUR DELIGHTFUL PROGRAM 7 pm Welcome Champagne Roederer and mouthwatering bites, Sunset Love elixir ceremony, Introduction to Tantra and rules of the Tantra Games 8 pm First round of Tantra Games 9 pm Light and sound symphony, "Tantra Goddess Dance" by Lisa Lumiere and her goddess dancers, Tantra Tasters by Justin Gottlieb 10 pm Second round of Tantra Games

Enjoy the mindful, sexy, high vibe ambiance. Relax & connect in the elegant cozy lounge area..

Dress code: be inspired by white, gold and orange, wear something that makes you feel good. Bring your smile and be on time to get the full experience.


Facilitated by Tantra Love Coaches Ella Vate Tantra.miami Kathrine & Serge Gasc www.HipTantra.com

We are dedicated to support you in becoming amazing and conscious lovers and dance the dance of intimacy with yourself, your partner and new loves.

Ticket price includes membership to TANTRA GAMES CLUB. Once you become a member, you will automatically be invited to all our extraordinary events and enjoy the special rate.

Please help with gender balancing by getting tickets corresponding to your gender!

In ancient times in India, when phones did not exist, there were Tantra Pujas. The whole village would participate in these celebrations of LIFE. TANTRA GAMES is a modern day adaptation.

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"Love and Sex are what created us, they are the creative energy of the Universe, 

the fundamental force that moves us all. "