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2019/05/03 : HipTantra Intimacy Playshop for Couples

Updated: Apr 17, 2019


In our busy lives, we sometimes forget to dedicate time to what's most important: ourselves and our relationships, leading to lack of intimacy and disconnect, resentment, frustration.

Yet love is what makes us feel alive, peaceful, inspired, happy. When we love, we glow, everything seems to flow.

How can we keep that chemistry we have when we firt meet that naturally fleets away after a few months?

We have put together a clothes-on playshop to BOOST YOUR LOVE LIFE whether you are together for a long time or just met.

We will lead you through a series of playful practices inspired by Tantric rituals designed to recreate that chemistry (then called alchemy) and turn on that fire within you.

Be prepared to relax, dance, laugh, explore in a mindful, sexy, cozy, high vibe ambiance in a beautiful setting, away from all distractions, kids, family, work.

Tantra, the ancient art of Love, is a form of yoga that shows how to mix passion and intimacy into a beautiful blend of magic. Merging two into “oneness” - it is love at its highest vibration. Tantra also brings about deep healing, connection and transformation.

In this playshop you will be given the opportunity to celebrate your love and fall in love again and again.

You will learn to create the deep moments that got you to fall in love in the first place, to express and experience your sensual love for one another through an intimate connection that embraces your mind, your body, your heart, your soul.

You will discover new levels of communication, key to intimacy, you will be given tips to take your relationship to a new level of passion and connection.

You will understand what is Mindful Sexuality, the door to ultimate bonding and ecstasy, those principles that should be taught in school!

>>>SAVE $$$ in traditionnal therapy, lawyers, medication. Love is all we need to be healthy and happy.<<<

BONUS: Receive the "Guide to a Tantric Date": a detailed description on how to create the magic at home.

15 couples max. Reserve your spot now for early bird discount.

About us: Together for 21 years, we have been guiding couples and individuals on the path of LOVE and INTIMACY through TANTRA. Our work reflects our years of training and teaching as well as our life experience of mariage and family.

Feel free to email us with your questions: You can also check our website

We offer free consultations and private sessions.

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