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Romantic Rendez-Vous



After approx. 20 minutes of presentation, Q&A and creation of your sacred space , you will turn off your microphone and camera and get into the experience in total privacy. YOU SEE US, WE DON'T SEE YOU!

We will engage in playful practices inspired by Tantra the art of Sexual Ecstasy that harmonise energies, release blockages and tensions, deepen the intimate connection. Clothes stay on... at least on our side :)

The intention of the series is to remind and encourage you to dedicate time and energy to your relationship, get ideas to awaken spontaneity and joy.

02/26/20: Loving Communication
03/12/20: Nurturing The Relationship
03/26/20: Life force Energy
04/09/20: Awakening the Senses
04/23/20: Discovering the erogenous zones
05/07/20: Unbreakable trust
05/21/20: The Art of Sensual Massage
06/04/20: Self Love practices /Self pleasuring
06/18/20: The Art of Gifting
07/02/20: Shake the energetic bodies
07/16/20:. Reinvent the Couple
07/30/20: Dreams and Fantasies

Join our Online Romantic ❤️ Rendez-Vous this Thursday from 9 to 10 pm EST (via Zoom): one hour of Hot, Intimate, Playful quality time for your couple, a nice alternative to your Netflix series :).

This week topic is Self Love - Self Pleasuring.


Understand how to release blocks in the body, completely surrender, fully give and receive, activate the life force energy (get turned on!) with touch to then circulate it to the rest of the body.

It is pleasurable and fun. You and your partner will alternate to enjoy and learn...

50% of with code SaferAtHome

Register below

If you register but can't be there at the time of the online event we'll send the link to all who registered afterwards.

Recording of other episodes are available upon request.

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