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Classes and Events

Online Romantic rdv

Online Romantic Rendez-Vous


​Every other Thursday, from 9 to 10 EST, join our online Romantic Rendez-Vous: One hour of Hot, intimate, Playful Quality time for your couple, a great alternative to your Netflix series!


After approximately 20 minutes of presentation and Q&A, you will turn off your microphone and camera to create your Intimate Space and get into the Tantric experience in Total privacy.


We will engage in sensual playful practices inspired by Tantra, that harmonize energies, releases blockage and tensions, boost desire and pleasure!

Online Tantra Yoga women

Online Tantra Yoga For Women


In this class, offered every other thursday, we relax and explore the world of the sacred feminine in a playful warm atmosphere.

~ We meditate, do breath work and move to open the body mind and heart.
~ We talk about subjects that are considered taboo and understand more about our own sensuality.
~ We learn about what conscious intimacy can bring to our life.
~ We burn away fears, blocks, insecurities, shame around our bodies and se$uality to live a life of freedom and joy.
~ We develop our ability to express our needs and desires.
~ We understand boundaries and how to apply them in our life.
~ We fall in love with ourselves as we are and activate our energetic body
~ We experience the nurturing loving authentic bond with other women.
~ We play, giggle, share stories and forget about all the worries of the world for 2 hours.

All ages welcome, single or in a relationship. We meet in a private home

The class is facilitated by Kathrine Gasc from

Tantra is also called the ancient art of love. The word in Sanskrit means expansion, weaving of the feminine and masculine energies to reach oneness. Se$ual energy is seen as sacred, it is our life force energy that enables us to feel alive, passionate and heal.

Sexuality can be a taboo subject for some yet it is such an important part of our lives. Let's face it, we all come from an orgasm so we might as well embrace it and take advantage of this orgasmic energy that is accessible to us humans.

Kathrine has been practicing and teaching Tantra for 12 years with her husband Serge of 20 years, helping men and women, single or in a relationship, awaken their senses and live a life of passion with a simple, playful method. Kathrine is a certified Tantra Educator, NLP practitioner, Reiki Master, Yoga & Fitness Instructor, Kitesurfing champion, Community Leader. She is very excited to share her wisdom and love for this sacred work in this class for women.


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