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We are here to serve and be in support of your self exploration and expansion.

We start with a conversation to hear about what

your heart desires, how you want to feel, what your dreams are and what is in the way of making that happen.

We then co-create your experience. 

Private sessions are either with one of us or both of us together (recommended for couples).

They offer a mix of coaching and hands-on. 

They are held in our studio in Miami or we can travel to you anywhere in the world.

We also offer phone or video calls.

You may want to attend our events and explore with like minded people.






Magic happens when we let go of expectations. 

Our Sessions

For Couples

Sessions For Lovers


Our Sessions may include:

  • What is Tantra and why it works magic for couples.

  • ​Express and get rid of the limited beliefs and negative emotions (guilt, shame, resentment, blaming), bring clarity ​on what you truly desire independently and as a couple then rewrite your love story. 

  • Practice positive sensual communication with the 5 languages of love to enhance the love bond and the re-create the chemistry.

  • Understand the power of boundaries and how to establish them at home and in life in general.

  • Experience and learn how to organise a tantra date with your partner, creating a safe container to explore and express yourself in the most authentic sensual playful ways. Then make it a habit.

  • Learn to balance the chakras (energy centres) and the feminine and masculine energies within each of you to reach bliss. 

  • Activate that deep passionate arousing connection with some exotic Tantra Games.

  • Discover exciting ways to pleasure each other, and the delicate art of fully giving and receiving.

  • Awaken your life force energy and allow it to flow between you through the mind body heart for expanded pleasure.

  • Experience and learn the bliss of Tantric Touch and its healing powers.

  • Relax, recharge, laugh and have fun!


How much time do you spend on your relationship weekly starting with the relationship to yourself?

Are you so busy that your love and sex life are last on the to do list?

Then someday you notice a disconnect from yourself and your partner, a loss of desire. 

Well guess what, like everything else, thriving relationships require time and attention. And it is so worth it. 

You may go on a trip thinking it will solve all problems or take a lover to reignite the flame,

yet this is just a bandaid. What you crave is passion, intimacy and serious fun!

The freedom and lightness, like it was when you first met, right?

Our experiences offer playful, simple, practical tools to come back to your love 

and reach a whole new level of joy, connection and intimacy.


You will see amazing results after the first session.

We recommend  the all program for meaningful changes.


For Him

Session 4 Him

Gentlemen, you are the grounding force of the Universe.

Thank you for working hard to provide for your partners and families. You want to feel powerful,

passionate about life, appreciated and loved yet life can get so hectic, stress takes over the good feelings.

We know how much you love to please your partner and with time, repetition replaces inspiration, excitement.

Loss of desire and disconnect happens, chemistry fades away, often creating issues such as premature ejaculation

and erectile dysfunction.  Relationships fall apart. Well you can change all that.


Embark on a journey to awakened Sexuality and Intimacy,

and embody the Superior Man that you are.

  • Ignite the desire and passion inside and outside the bedroom. Feel irresistible, powerful and attract the partner of your dreams.

  • Understand how to make a woman feel safe and honoured so she can open up to you all the way.  

  • Understand how tantra can positively affect your love making, as well as your mental and physical health.

  • Allow yourself to be pampered, appreciated, to surrender and receive without having to give back.

  • Activate and expand your life force energy with Tantric Touch to experience full body orgasms.

  • Learn how to chanel your sexual energy to last a long long time, become multi-orgasmic.


  • Discover all of the erogenous zones, the different types of  orgasms (yes there are so many!) and how to take your partner to the sky and back, several times with the energetic lovemaking.  

  • Unveil the secrets of the feminine sexuality to expand her pleasure and her well being.

  • Connect with your feminine side to access a whole new level of ecstasy.  


  • Bring out your fantasies, kink in the most mindful playful way.




For Her


Ladies, you have come a long way into independence and equality with men.


Today pretty much everything is available to you.

Yet so many women are still disconnected from love, pleasure and intimacy...

Some may have forgotten about themselves to focus on family, friends, work.

Some may fake orgasms just to please their partner...

Some say yes to sex when they don't really want it...

Some may have suffered traumas...

Some have entirely blocked desire, emotions or sensations in their bodies.


Intimacy and sexuality are instrumental for a balanced healthy life.

Love is what drives us, makes us feel alive, vibrant.

Session 4 Her

Our series of sessions offer a way to get there.

  •  Burn away fears, insecurities, traumas, feelings of unworthiness, shame and guilt around the body and sexuality.

  • Get clarity on what YOU want for your life and how to get there. Develop your ability to express your needs and desires, to be vulnerable with conscious communication.

  • Understand boundaries and how to apply them in your life and in the bedroom. Practice the “no” welcome the “yes”, the playfulness, the adventure.

  • Connect with your feminine essence, your beautiful, confident, sexy self. Re-sensitize your body to pleasure.

  • Allow yourself to be in the receiving mode, taking time to relax, to play, to pamper yourself, to be with YOU.


  • Take your sexual experiences to the most juicy intimate tantric level using sensual meditation, breath, movement, sound, whether you are single or in a relationship. ​​​

  • Prepare yourself to meet Love, the one that feels so easy and warm and make it last. 

  • Make your current partner absolutely crazy for you with the energetic lovemaking.

  • Open the flow of energy in your body with Tantra Massage for expansive mind body heart orgasms.​

  • Feel supported and seen. Activate your natural capacity to heal (yourself and others) using your own energy.

  • Use your sexual energy for raising of your consciousness and manifest all that you desire.

Investing in your own femininity and sexuality is deeply empowering. 

It means that you love yourself and life. 


for Coaching, Counselling, Energetic Healing.


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