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Tantra in the family

Yes it can be challenging to be taking care of little ones, let alone teenagers. We are constantly dealing with their needs, emotions, having to adapt to the changes with school, friends, activities. All that can be exhausting on top of work and house chores, and the issue is that parents often forget about themselves as individuals or as a couple. Well, a strong family can only exist with happy parents! Taking time for yourself really connecting, nurturing each other, playing, dancing, loving, sharing from the heart, is detrimental to keep the passion alive, it helps recharge and remind us how it all started! You both loved each other so deeply that you wanted to create life together. Of course no one really warns us with what happens after kids, so the original intention gets a bit lost along the way.

We have found a nice way to keep our love alive, every week we have a tantric date. 2 hours just for US! We lock the doors, turn off the cell phones, wear our nicest clothes get into our most positive moods and explore. After 12 years of practice, we can say it works. We are happy to show you how to set this us in your busy lives. It is simple fast and so much fun. 3 sessions recommended, one is very a good start. Don't let the disconnect settle, take care of YOU now! Your deserve it and your kids too!.

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