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2019/ 03/01 : The Secrets of Manifesting your Soul Mate

Are you ready to find LOVE, the one that feels so right, so warm, so smooth? We have created a method that has been proven to work and will be sharing it in this 2 hours playshop. This is 4 steps method: ASK FOR WHAT YOU REALLY WANT - Prepare yourself to attract love by drawing a picture of your dream life based on your unique personality, wishes and needs. -Let go of negative emotions like SHAME, DOUBTS or GUILT and limited beliefs that create blockages. Dare to ask for what you really want. - Get clarity on what your ideal partner looks and feels like so you can recognise him/her when he/she appears and attract the match that is in total alignment with YOU!

REWRITE YOUR LOVE STORY -Clear habits that no longer serve you and align your vibration to attract your match. - Heal past traumas from prior relationships including your parents and past lovers so that your heart is open and available for love. - Learn how to step your YOUR POWER and let go of past excuses that have held you back from being who you really are and having what you really want (love:) - Understad the importance of SELF LOVE.

YES YOU DESERVE LOVE AND YOU CAN HAVE IT - Understand the law of Attraction and its power. - Learn how to wire your brain to manifest your true desires and attract the perfect match for you. - Increase your self-esteem and confidence and enjoy the dating process which will get you many quality dates. - Learn the importance of forgiveness..for yourself and others, a necessary step before you can actually be with your soulmate.

GET READY TO RECEIVE YOUR MATCH - Be present when your Soul Mate finally shows up. Sometimes we may ask for something but are not quite ready for it. - Learn to trust your intuition and the universe, allow yourself to receive what you are asking for: Happiness through the gift of LOVE. - Get excited about a wonderful new life that you don't even recognise filled with love, support and joy!


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